What is ORE?

ORE is a club in the National Capital region of Canada, formed to help those interested in learning about and building robots. The club
involves professionals, amateurs, students, college professors, engineers, artists, hobbyist, and tinkerers. ORE will help explore all aspects of
robotics for its members, and work toward expanding communication between robot enthusiasts. ORE members share ideas, experience and enthusiasm for
building robots.

There are no club fees or dues, and there never will be. Just show up at the meetings, have fun and build robots.

How long has ORE been around?

The club is been together since the summer of 2000

I’ve never built a robot, and I’m a little intimidated by some of the more advanced members of the group. How do I fit in?

Don’t worry about that at all! You’ll be suprised how quickly and cheaply you can learn to build these critters. The group has members
of wildly varying talents and knowledge and we will continue to welcome absolutely everyone to our ranks. It doesn’t matter to us what you know
or what technology (BEAM, lego, remote control, kits or microcontrollers) you are interested in, it just matters that you have an interest in robotics.

I don’t have alot of spare time, and I don’t know if I will be able to make many of the meetings? Should I still join?

Absolutely! The meetings are a great place to meet the members, and to see some of the possibilities in robot construction, but the mailing
list is also a great resource. We’d like to have you at the meetings if you can make it, but we welcome ‘mailing list’ only members too.

I’ve got some super cool ideas for a robot. How do I go about getting started?

The internet is a fantastic place for robotics enthusiasts. Plans, hints, kits and code are all available. Most likely you will need to take
what is out there and modify it to meet your needs.

It helps if you can come up with some plans or even a general outline
before you start building the robot. It will keep you on track, as well as maybe find some problems that you will run into long before they actually
become robots.

Post questions to the email list, or bring questions up at the meetings. Everyone in the group would be more than happy to give you a
hand in either planning or implementing a robot. That’s what the club is here for!

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