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owner: Ron H.
movie (avi, 3M)
R2D2movie (gp3 format, playable with VLC, GOM, RealPlayer)
owner: Norm
Created with the new Lego Mindstorms NTX
owner: Aaron
owner: Albert

close-up of the encoders

owner: Aaron

bottom view

Link to video

owner: Mordechai
owner: Ron H.
“Taz”owner: Allen
owner: Norm
Copycat“owner: Steve
“Scrambler”owner: Steve
owner: Steve
Sumo Bot“owner: Nathan
“Model C-1″owner: Jin


a Roboflag entry from the Pathfinder team[info]

report (pdf, 1.5M)

cover of “The Charlatan”

owner: Nick
owner: Jinhi-res pic (666k)
movie (2M – odd AVI format)
Cybot” (work in progress)
owner: Cedricbottom view
owner: Guy
owner: Aaron
constucted by D’arcy Vout & Randy Payette
3rd yr. Electrical Engineering Technology students
while most robots go out of their way to avoid obsticles, this one, with it’s unique suspension, just climbs right over them. An earlier version can be found further down the page.owner: Chris
pictures: top, front, rear, motor
movies: side (avi 700k) , rear (avi 700k)
“Johnny 5” from the movie Short Circuitowner: Michael
owner: Ron Clough

a look inside

owner: Chris
Chrismovie (MPEG, 260k)
owner: Bill
“Cybug Scarab”
owner: Guy
owner: Aaron
owner: Ken
owner: Aaronmovie (1.2M, MPEG)
owner: Allen,
movie (400k, MPEG)
owner: Chris
owner: Albert
owner: Allen
owner: Allen
movie (1.6M, MPEG)
owner: Kevin
owner: Albert
Constructed by Rachel and Ivan. Ivan is eight years old. This robot is part of the training module of the Lego� Mindstorms Invention Kit 2.0 and demonstrates that anyone can have fun creating robots.
owner: Chris
CMUcam demoowner: Guy
owner: Guy[info]
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